Trade Show Success with doTERRA

Courtesy of SS doTERRA

Working a Trade Show can be extremely beneficial in helping you grow your business!  It can help you find both product users and business builders.  There are some key elements to incorporate as you prepare, and as you work the trade show that will help you achieve maximum results.

Training #1–Tips for a Successful Trade Show with doTERRA–the approach

Training #2–Setting up post-convention classes and powerful inviting

Note:  If you choose to use another way to get contact information from the expo attendees, make sure you always get their city and state!  People come from all over to go to expos, and this will be super helpful for you in the future as you are doing follow ups.

Training #3–Working with vendors, Setting up the booth

Training #4–Tradeshow misc.; how to work with others

Training #5–Important tradeshow tips & following up

Banners for Tradeshows

Some of these files are VERY large.